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Awards & Honours 2016

Christian Broß has been honoured by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Düsseldorf being one of the Best Trainnees 2016. October 2016

Dr. Baptiste Gault was awarded the Volkswagen  Foundation ‘Experiment!’ research project on “Enabling atomic-scale tomography of biological material”, Oct 2016

Dr. Hauke Springer, Dr. Cem Tasan and Prof. Dierk Raabe received the Werner Koester Award for the paper "A novel roll bonding methodology for the cross-scale analysis of phase properties and interactions in multiphase structural materials" published in IJMR 106 (2015), 3-14. September 2016

Dr. Martin Diehl received the DGM-Nachwuchspreis. September 2016

Dr. Michael Herbig received 1,468 Mio € funding by the BMBF for his junior research group “materials science of mechanical contacts" for a 5 years period. September 2016

The Max-Planck-Trainee Prize by the Max-Planck-Society went to Christian Broß, one of the best trainees of all Max-Planck-Institutes. September 2016

Herbert Faul was lent the honourary needle in silver with thanks and recognition for his 10 years honourary engagement in professional training by Niederrheinische Industrie- und Handelskammer, Duisburg-Wesel-Kleve,  August 2016

1st Poster Award goes to Christian Broß at the Conference Mikpräp 2015 with his  poster "Study of New Methods to Analyse Chromium-Nickel Steels", Juni 2016.

Dr. Martin Friák, Dr. Stefanie Sandlöbes, Z. Pei, Dr. Duangcheng Ma, Prof. B. Svendsen, Prof. D. Raabe and Prof. Neugebauer won one of three poster prizes with the poster "An ab initio high throughput approach to identify MG-alloys with exceptionally high yieldstrength" at the 80st DPG-Frühjahrstagung in Regensburg. The shown results are based on a close interdisciplinary work between scientists of the two departments "Computational Material Design" and "Microstructure Physics and Alloy Design".

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