Compatibility of Family and Work

In 2018 the Max Planck Society (MPS) and its institutes have received once more - after 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2015 -  the certificate berufundfamilie.

The MPS has been confirmed as an employer conscious of family for the fith time from the Berufundfamilie gGmbH.

The approved high-class seal for a lasting personnel politics turned to the families is valid for three years.

What does this mean exactly?

A cooperation partner for family services supports our employees on everything concerning job & family life. The portfolio of our partner comprises the classical placement of childcare-possibilities (also back-up & emergency) as well as elder- and homecare- which means support and care of relatives and consultancy within this matter.

Moreover, we are able to offer places in a Kindergarten near the Institute (for children under 3 years) to our employees.


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Bachelor- or Master-Thesis

The institute offers various possibilities for doing a bachelor- or master-thesis in the field of modern material sciences. To apply please choose one of our research fields and a research topic if possible. Having one in mind you can directly contact one of our research group leaders who is working in the same field. An overview of the different research groups is available in our organigram.

PhD Thesis

For doing a PhD you can either contact one of our research groups or you can apply at our doctoral programme IMPRS-SurMat.


You are interested in doing a PostDoc with us? The MPIE offers outstanding international scientists possibilities to perform their research with us. You can either sent a speculative application to the respective Research Group or you have a look on our current job offers.

Within our Guest Programme we have on the one hand possibilities to grant scholarships to a limited extend. On the other hand you are invited to finance your research visit by third party funding.


The Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung offers six apprenticed professions. Detailed information on apprenticeship can be found here (only in German).

Job offers

An overview of open positions in our institute is available here.

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