Our IMPRS SusMet students

20 students of IMPRS SusMet and 18 students of the previous IMPRS-SurMat are working towards their PhD in cooperative research groups at the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung, the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung, the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and the Universität Duisburg-Essen.

from Iran. Working on “Development of Detailed Modeling and Diagnostics for the Direct Reduction of Iron Ore Particles”. [more]
from India. Working on "Ab initio investigations of field ion microscopy (FIM)". [more]
from China. Working on “Mixed Fe2+/ Fe3+ iron oxides from first-principles”. [more]
from Iran. Working on “Development of Detailed Modeling and Diagnostics for the Direct Reduction of Iron Ore Particles”. [more]
from China. Working on “Atomic insight into the effects of interfaces on the dynamics of hydrogen-based iron reduction”. [more]
from Turkey. Working on “Design and Fabrication of Nanoporous Ruthenium Using Cryo-APT”. [more]
from Egypt. Working on “Modelling of solid-liquid interfaces with the atomic cluster expansion”. [more]
from India. Working on “Hydrogen plasma-based reduction of dilute minerals”. [more]
from Germany. Working on “Sustainable thermoelectric materials: Atomic scale characterization of their defects and stability”. [more]
from Brazil. Working on “Modelling electrified solid/liquid interfaces by grand-canonical DFT”. [more]
from Pakistan. Working on “First Principles investigation of mechanisms of hydrogen adsorption, incorporation and reduction of iron oxide phases”. [more]
from Germany. Working on “Interfacial diffusion in thin-film iron oxide multiphase systems (DiffOx)”. [more]
from Germany. Working on “Sustainable NiTi Shape Memory Metallurgy” [more]
from Turkey. Working on “Role of gangue elements in hydrogen-based direct reduction of iron ores”. [more]
from Turkey. Working on “Characterization of hydrogen in materials: bringing the Kelvin probe approach to
another level”. [more]
from Turkey. Working on “Interaction of hydrogen with local inhomogeneities in relation to hydrogen embrittlement of steels: correlating simulations and experiments”. [more]
from India. Working on “Redox behavior of transition metal and alloy catalysts monitored by in situ characterization methods”. [more]
from Colombia. Working on “Making sustainable steel from low-grade iron ores through hydrogen plasma reduction”. [more]
from India. Working on “Reinforcement Learning and Phase-Field for Impurity Tolerant Microstructure Design”. [more]
from China. Working on "New mechanochemical pathways to sustainable metals – MechMet". [more]
from Egypt. Working on "Multimodal imaging of energy conversion in nanoscale materials and devices with sub-μm resolution". [more]
from India. Working on "Synthesis of nanoscale materials for lithium ion solid-state batteries". [more]
from Germany. Working on "2D heterostructures: building blocks for atomically thin electronic devices". [more]
from India. Working on "Nanomaterials based gas diffusion electrodes for the selective electroreduction of CO2". [more]
from India. Working on "Synthesis and in situ characterization of perovskite-based catalysts used for solid-oxide fuel cell applications". [more]
from Italy. Working on "Advanced single nanoparticle characterization to understand and improve the activity and life time of bimetallic electrocatalysts". [more]
from Russia. Working on "Atomistic modelling of magnetic excitations in Fe-Co alloys at elevated temperature". [more]
from India. Working on "Work function and the hydrogen and oxygen electrodes: absolute potentials as a possible catalytic descriptor". [more]
from India. Working on "Exploring anodic oxidation reactions to facilitate the hydrogen production via water splitting". [more]
from China. Working on "Defect-mediated self-organization of nanomaterials for selective oxidation catalysis". [more]
from Brazil. Working on "Enabling true atomic-scale analytical imaging, application to solute segregation at crystal defects in energy materials". [more]
from India. Working on "High Entropy Alloy Catalysis Fundamentals" [more]
from Germany. Working on "Doping Effects on Interfaces, Phases and Properties of Al". [more]
from Germany. Working on "Atomic‐scale insights to design of high‐performing magnets". [more]
from India. Working on "Atomistic investigation of the Fe-C system using approximate electronic structure methods". [more]
from China. Working on " Shape Memory Polymers – Processing and Actor Properties with Special Emphasis on Chemical/Mechanical Interaction" [more]
from Germany. Working on "High-throughput exploration of multinary thin film systems (“high entropy materials”) for catalytic applications". [more]
from Spain. Working on "Development of new half-Heusler compounds and their microstructural design for thermoelectrics". [more]

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