Our IMPRS SusMet students

27 students of IMPRS SusMet and 2 students of the previous IMPRS-SurMat are working towards their PhD in cooperative research groups at the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung, the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung, the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and the Universität Duisburg-Essen.

from Ethiopia. Working on “Comprehending the electrochemical reduction of iron oxides by first-principles methods”. [more]
from Iran. Working on “Development of Detailed Modeling and Diagnostics for the Direct Reduction of Iron Ore Particles”. [more]
from India. Working on "Ab initio investigations of field ion microscopy (FIM)". [more]
from China. Working on “Mixed Fe2+/ Fe3+ iron oxides from first-principles”. [more]
from Egypt. Working on “Efficient process-optimized potentials for mechanochemistry and long timescales”. [more]
from Iran. Working on “Development of Detailed Modeling and Diagnostics for the Direct Reduction of Iron Ore Particles”. [more]
from China. Working on “Atomic insight into the effects of interfaces on the dynamics of hydrogen-based iron reduction”. [more]
from Brazil. Working on “Hydrogen embrittlement of additively manufactured austenitic stainless steels”. [more]
from Turkey. Working on “Design and Fabrication of Nanoporous Ruthenium Using Cryo-APT”. [more]
from Egypt. Working on “Modelling of solid-liquid interfaces with the atomic cluster expansion”. [more]
from India. Working on “Hydrogen plasma-based reduction of dilute minerals”. [more]
from Germany. Working on “Sustainable thermoelectric materials: Atomic scale characterization of their defects and stability”. [more]
from Brazil. Working on “Modelling electrified solid/liquid interfaces by grand-canonical DFT”. [more]
from Israel. Working on “Microstructure evolution of anode materials during redox cycles of iron-air batteries”. [more]
from Israel. Working on “Understanding the effect of hydrogen at interfaces by combining novel micromechanical testing during hydrogen charging with modeling (H2int)”.
from Pakistan. Working on “First Principles investigation of mechanisms of hydrogen adsorption, incorporation and reduction of iron oxide phases”. [more]
from Germany. Working on “Interfacial diffusion in thin-film iron oxide multiphase systems (DiffOx)”. [more]
from Germany. Working on “Sustainable NiTi Shape Memory Metallurgy” [more]
from Turkey. Working on “Role of gangue elements in hydrogen-based direct reduction of iron ores”. [more]
from Germany. Working on “On the influence of trace elements on the high temperature properties of single crystal Ni-base superalloys”.
from Turkey. Working on “Characterization of hydrogen in materials: bringing the Kelvin probe approach to
another level”. [more]
from Turkey. Working on “Interaction of hydrogen with local inhomogeneities in relation to hydrogen embrittlement of steels: correlating simulations and experiments”. [more]
from India. Working on “Redox behavior of transition metal and alloy catalysts monitored by in situ characterization methods”. [more]
from Germany. Working on “Identifying non-equilibrium surface processed during iron oxide reduction by high performance hydrogen plasmas”. [more]
from Colombia. Working on “Making sustainable steel from low-grade iron ores through hydrogen plasma reduction”. [more]
from India. Working on “Reinforcement Learning and Phase-Field for Impurity Tolerant Microstructure Design”. [more]
from China. Working on "New mechanochemical pathways to sustainable metals – MechMet". [more]
from India. Working on "Exploring anodic oxidation reactions to facilitate the hydrogen production via water splitting". [more]
from India. Working on "High Entropy Alloy Catalysis Fundamentals" [more]

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