Analysing materials down to the atomic scale in the atom probe tomography lab. © Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH

Our commitment

Pioneering materials, shaping a sustainable tomorrow

MPIE is not only about science, but we stand for a community build on trust and respect. We are committed to sustainability and diversity and believe that networking and collaboration are key for advancing research.

We live diversity. We see MPIE as a place of active exchange and appreciative cooperation. At our institute, all people should feel welcome and comfortable and be able to develop their potential, regardless of ethnic origin, skin colour, nationality, religion, culture, age, disability, sexual and gender identity or ideology. [more]
As founding member of the association Wissensregion Düsseldorf e.V., the MPIE aims to further strengthen Düsseldorf as a research location. Together with other regional institutions from education and industry, the institute participates in various collaborative projects and programes for young researchers. [more]
Every day, MPIE advances our understanding of materials aiming for a sustainable future for our society. A working environment that enables and promotes sustainability in every day life plays a pivotal role to this mission.  [more]
The MPIE is part of the project wee4bee, which aims to study the life of bees under different environmental influences. With this project the MPIE wants to support biodiversity and contribute to the fight against insect extinction [more]
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