The IMPRS SusMet | SurMat ALUMNI Network

Let's keep in touch!

The graduates of IMPRS SusMet and the previous IMPRS-SurMat form the joint IMPRS SusMet | SurMat Alumni Network.

Since the start of the IMPRS-SurMat in 2004 more than 100 students have succesfully finished their doctoral degree and are now pursuing their careers all over the world. We'd like to keep in touch!

As a member of our alumni network you can

  • get or stay in touch with each other
  • network, discuss and meet, share experiences and maybe even start new collaborations
  • receive news and information from the IMPRS SusMet | SurMat
  • observe the current scientific developments in your field
  • support the career of young academics via mentoring or job shadowing


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