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Mechanistic View on Electric Current Induced Kinetic Enhancement and its Various Examples in Materials

International Workshop on Sustainable Metallurgy of Green Steel (GreenSteel2022)

Registration deadline 5th September
Steel is of enduring importance in our society. It has enabled technological progress sustaining human civilization over millennia through structural and functional applications, even under the harshest environmental conditions. However, its production requires huge energy input and emits gigantic ... [more]

Processing and applications of two-dimensional nanosheet inks

(zoom lecture link comes shortly before)Liquid phase exfoliation has been proved to be a cheap, scalable method for the mass production of 2D sheets. This talk will first discuss the galaxy of existent layered materials, with emphasis on synthesis, liquid-phase exfoliation, and characterization ... [more]

Grain boundary-based plasticity: shear coupling migration and disconnections

Where: virtual on Zoom (link follows) [more]

Tribologically Induced Deformation Mechanisms and Friction as a Function of Crystal Orientation in Copper

Where: virtual on Zoom (link follows) [more]

Hydrogen-DRI in New Zealand: Developing a process for the hydrogen reduction of titanomagnetite ironsand

Where: virtual on Zoom (link follows) [more]

Translating insight from the catalysis of green hydrogen and ammonia production to batteries and vice versa

Electrochemistry will play a pivotal role in our transition away from fossil fuels to a net zero society. While batteries and fuel cells are set to decarbonise transportation, electrolysers can enable the sustainable synthesis of our most coveted chemicals, such as H2 and NH3. It turns out that ... [more]
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