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Scientific Events

Scientific Events


HEA symposium "High entropy and compositionally complex alloys" at DPG Sring Meeting 2019 in Regensburg

4th International Conference on Medium and High Manganese Steels

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International Workshop on Laves Phases

Laves phases constitute the largest class of intermetallic phases. Within the inter-institutional research initiative “The Nature of Laves Phases” of the Max Planck Society (2006-2011) fundamental aspects of Laves phases have been investigated. Since then, advances in high resolution analytical methods and modelling gave new insight. Simultaneously interest in development and application of alloys strengthened by Laves phases has considerably increased. The workshop is devoted to summarise our current understanding of Laves phases and to identify topics for future research.The workshop is jointly organised by Forschungszentrum Jülich, Max-Planck-Institut für Chemische Physik fester Stoffe (Dresden), Tokyo Institute of Technology and Max-Planck Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH (Düsseldorf). [more]

Molecular dynamics on the diffusive time scale

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Molecular dynamics on the diffusive time scale

We formulate a theory of non-equilibrium statistical thermodynamics for ensembles of atoms or molecules. The theory is an application of Jayne's maximum entropy principle, which allows the statistical treatment of systems away from equilibrium. In particular, neither temperature nor atomic fractions are required to be uniform but instead are allowed to take different values from particle to particle. In addition, following the Coleman-Noll method of continuum thermodynamics we derive a dissipation inequality expressed in terms of discrete thermodynamic fluxes and forces. This discrete dissipation inequality effectively sets the structure for discrete kinetic potentials that couple the microscopic field rates to the corresponding driving forces, thus resulting in a closed set of equations governing the evolution of the system. We complement the general theory with a variational meanfield theory that provides a basis for the formulation of computationally tractable approximations. We present several validation cases, concerned with equilibrium properties of alloys, heat conduction in silicon nanowires, hydrogen desorption from palladium thin films and segregation/precipitation in alloys, that demonstrate the range and scope of the method and assess its fidelity and predictiveness. These validation cases are characterized by the need or desirability to account for atomic-level properties while simultaneously entailing time scales much longer than those accessible to direct molecular dynamics. The ability of simple meanfield models and discrete kinetic laws to reproduce equilibrium properties and long-term behavior of complex systems is remarkable. [more]

MPIE Colloquium

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Hydrogen storage in single metal nanocrystals


10th European APT Workshop

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10th European APT Workshop

In the European atom probe tomography workshop we aim to foster the exchange of new ideas in atom probe tomography and field ion microscopy community, especially those aspects not regularly covered in scientific publications. We therefore put special emphasis on peer-to-peer discussions around poster presentations and provide a choice of tutorials given by renown experts for the advanced atom probe user/scientist. We also aim to integrate scientists that are interested in applying atom probe tomography in an emerging field into the community. This will foster knowledge transfer between new applicatons and fundamental reserach in the physics of APT. We specially invite poster contributions. Details about the scientific and training program will be announced shortly. Registraton deadline is the 26th of October 2018. [more]

Opening Symposium for Advanced S/TEM and APT Facilities

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Opening Symposium for Advanced S/TEM and APT Facilities

The Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH (MPIE) is happy to announce the opening symposium for advanced S/TEM and APT facilities, scheduled on 5th - 6th November 2018. We are pleased to celebrate this inauguration by a stimulating scientific colloquium with renowned experts and friends from all over the world. Topics of the symposium will include:• Development of advanced APT and (S)TEM techniques• New horizons in correlative (S)TEM and APT• Application to catalysis and energy materials• Interface science. We look forward to greeting you in Düsseldorf! [more]

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