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Looking deep into Li-Ion Batteries: Advanced Characterization for New Technologies

Electrochemical Energy Storage, in particular Li-Ion Batteries, have become one of the most important technological cornerstones for the current energy transition. The further development and progress in existing technology will depend on both, the introduction of new active electrode materials and ... [more]

Machine Learning for the Steel Industry: Behind the Buzzword

In 2020, every major company’s annual report contained the word digitalization, A.I. or industry 4.0. It is easy to perceive these as buzzwords, aimed at investors, but the reality is more complex: companies are expected to transform now, driven by the fear of becoming obsolete. As researchers ... [more]

Tailoring layered Ni-rich oxide cathode materials for solid-state battery applications

Bulk-type (inorganic) solid-state batteries are a promising next-generation energy-storage technology with the prospect of improving safety and enabling higher energy densities than conventional lithium-ion batteries [1]. Especially high-capacity, layered oxide cathode materials (NCM or related) ...

The Sustainability Challenge for the Aluminum Industry, 2021

What is the role of materials in today’s global economy as we deal with pressures from a growing population and a climate emergency? Aluminum production and usage helps provide food, shelter, health, transportation, and entertainment to the world. Achieving these goals in a “sustainable” manner ... [more]

Understanding and Improving the Catalytic Activity of Transition Metal Oxide Surfaces: " Insights from DFT+U Calculations"

The development and improvement of catalysts for chemical energy conversion, such as (photo-)electrocatalytic water splitting or alcohol oxidation, requires mechanistic understanding at theatomic/molecular level. In my talk I will address several examples for the application of densityfunctional ...

Exploring the limits of metal strength

Exploring the limits of metal strength
Where: virtual on Zoom (link follows) [more]
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