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26.02.-01.03.2019: SurMat Lecture „Materials Characterization“ at Universität Duisburg-Essen

29.04.-03.05.2019: Welcome Days for new PhD students at MPI für Eisenforschung

26.-29.05.2019: Annual Retreat at Schloss Ringberg

Curriculum and Supervision

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Curriculum and Supervision

The curriculum of the IMPRS-SurMat contains several scientific and non-scientific elements and a close supervision. The elements of the curriculum bring the community of the SurMat students together. They deepen and extend the scientific knowledge but they also enhance social competences and support the integration of the doctoral students in the scientific community and in Germany.

Scientific Curriculum

The scientific activities are the main part of the curriculum. The summer and winter schools are 4 different block lectures of two weeks. Once per year the annual retreat takes place and in irregular time periods workshops are organized.

Non-scientific Curriculum

Additional non-scientific offers are soft skill trainings, German language courses and career development. [more]


The close supervision serves not only as a kind of progress control but mainly as a support for the students. It assists them to proceed and finish the PhD successfully within the given time frame of three till three and a half years.
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IMPRS-SurMat Curriculum
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