Guest Program

The Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung (MPIE) offers outstanding international scientists possibilities to introduce their research topic at any level of their career within the status of a guest. At the same time, guest scientists are given the opportunity to exchange their ideas at an international level with excellent colleagues, thereby establishing important scientific networks.

During its almost 100-year history, the Institute has hosted many scientific guests who have enjoyed using the distinguished infrastructure during the past decades. We seek to accommodate our guests’ wishes as best we can within our portfolio and aim to organize the stay of each guest scientist as productive as possible.

We offer an outstanding research environment for highly ambitious scientists who want to perform cutting-edge research in an international and competitive setting. During the time of your stay we provide you with all the necessary scientific equipment as well as support needed to realize your fierce project as effectively as possible.

Are you working in a cutting-edge research project which fits to the portfolio of our Institute and are you at the same time interested in our guest program? Send an unsolicited application to the Research Group fitting to your project. Please inform yourself right in advance about the different possibilities- also for financing your stay- which will be defined as follows:

Financial Support by MPIE (for Postdocs only)

Third Party Funding for Scientists with and without doctor´s degree

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