Interface Chemistry and Surface Engineering

Interface Chemistry and Surface Engineering

The Department of Interface Chemistry and Surface Engineering is conducting fundamental research in the electrochemical sciences, with a strong focus on corrosion and adhesion science as well as electrochemical energy conversion.

The department was directed by Martin Stratmann from 2000-2014. Currently, he serves as President of the Max Planck Society. In his absence the department is led by Jörg Neugebauer as temporary director.

Our mission is to combine both fundamental and applied sciences to tackle key-questions for a progress towards new or better, energy saving and efficient, cheaper and longer lasting materials for applications in structural (in particular steels and other alloys) and functional materials, e.g., for fuel cell catalysts, batteries, adhesives, coatings, nano-porous materials and metallic glasses among others.

We combine electrochemistry with a surface and interface science approach, and in most projects we complement both, atomically well-defined experimental studies and experiments with real systems by atomistic ab initio and larger-scale (continuum theory) modelling.

With its versatile experimental and theoretical expertise, the Department is in the unique position to assist and promote diverse industrial research areas by the understanding of their underlying fundamental electrochemical reaction mechanisms and kinetics.  The fundamental studies complement the second central focus of our department; the study of electrochemical processes that are of ultimate practical importance in industrial applications.

Currently, the department includes approximately 45 people, among them more than 35 scientists, working on a number of projects – most of them integrated in international collaborations with scientists in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The experimental equipment is exceptional even on an international scale and allows performing state of the art science in surface and interface chemistry.

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