Spectroscopy at Electrochemical Interfaces

The early career research group 'Spectroscopy at Electrochemical Interfaces' studies properties and dynamic processes on solid interfaces using optical spectroscopy methods. Current research projects for instance deal with the properties and the control of thin organic films at interface, the properties of interface solvent layers and the study of electrochemical surfaces and electrodes.

In our daily life we are surrounded by surfaces, because all objects and materials are connected to the rest of the world via their surface. From this perspective it is no surprise that the fundamental properties and dynamic processes at interfaces govern a huge range of phenomena from wetting phenomena as in cloud formation, over technical processes such as catalysis or sensor technology up to medical applications and biological processes. Hence, in our research we tackle the basic understanding of such interface phenomena and processes.

We employ optical interface spectroscopic methods such as IR and Raman spectroscopies and spectroscopic ellipsometry. We can couple these methods to electrochemical setups for in-situ measurements. Another central methodical approach is the application of photothermal nanoscale infrared spectroscopy (AFM-IR), which allows acquisition of vibrational spectroscopic information with nano scale resolutions. For more information see our current research projects.

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