Contact Persons

Contact Persons

Board of Executives




Prof. Dr.

Dierk Raabe

Chief Executive


Prof. Dr.

Gerhard Dehm

Vice-Chief Executive

Prof. Dr.

Jörg Neugebauer




Kai de Weldige

Executive, Head of Administration

Anja Schuck

Assistance to the Board of Executives



Simone Degner

Assistance to the administrative Executive





Martin Bosch

Accounting and Third Party Funds

Jürgen Heisel

Personal Department

Uwe Theuerkauf

Purchasing and Receiving


Other Contacts




Yasmin Ahmed Salem

Public Relations

Dr. Katja Hübel

Research Coordination

Elke Gattermann

Doctoral Programme

Sophia Zwaka

International Office

Ron McCormack

Network Centre

Martin Winkler

Technical Service

Dr. Christoph Freysoldt


 Simone Degner

Equal Opportunities

To contact the different persons, please have a look at our members list.

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