Pioneering materials, shaping a sustainable tomorrow

Are you aware that the steel industry alone contributes to 8% of global carbon dioxide emissions? And imagine that the average lifespan of a smartphone is only 3 years, and without recycling, up to 50 different elements are lost, many of which are precious metals or rare earths.

Established in 1917 with a focus on steels and other metallic alloys, our institute underwent a significant transformation, reflecting our unwavering commitment to pioneering basic research on sustainable materials for energy, mobility, infrastructure, manufacturing, and medicine. With our 350-strong international team from over 35 countries, we are tackling one of today's most pressing challenges: transforming materials, which are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and environmental decline, into green resources that drive a truly circular economy. We delve into the very structure of materials down to the atomic scale, crafting alloys that excel in real-world conditions. From using hydrogen instead of fossil fuels to extract metals, to devising endlessly recyclable materials and finding ways to extend material lifespans while reducing waste, we are at the forefront of innovation. Moreover, employing advanced techniques like artificial intelligence and machine learning, we are revolutionizing material production, making it more efficient than ever before.
Welcome to MPI SusMat

Welcome to MPI SusMat

Video February 10, 2021
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