Freedom of research is a top priority in our institute as well as in the entire Max Planck Society. This means that the MPI für Eisenforschung welcomes colleagues from a wide range of backgrounds and supports them in their work and career development, tailored to their individual needs.
As an institute for natural sciences, we particularly want to attract female scientists to work at our institute and strengthen their visibility in the scientific community.
Our focus in the area of "equal opportunities" is on developing a gender-equitable work culture that considers diversity in every respect.

As a MINT Institute („MINT“: abbreviation for Mathematics, Informatics, Natural sciences, Technology), the promotion of female scientists with regard to their visibility in the scientific community is therefore one of the focal points of our gender equality work. Female scientists should be made more visible internally and externally with their professional successes and innovative ideas in order to be perceived as high achievers and high potentials in all parts of society and thus to be able to act as role models and impulse providers.

Equal Opportunities

The Institute's gender equality concept identifies and names concrete fields of action, derives goals and measures from them, and follows the actual implementation throughout. The current concept was supplemented by an addendum in 2021 to take into account current developments that go beyond the concept.

In the last three years, many of the changes planned in the concept have already been implemented, such as continuous career counselling for female academics in the form of in-house mentoring, the introduction of an application management tool or the use of gender-equitable language at the Institute.

We want to support our employees in reconciling work and family life. Therefore, our institute has occupancy rights in a  large day care center (similar to KITA) for the accommodation of small children and a parent-child office has been set up.

In addition, employees can make use of the services of a family service provider. They also have the option of accessing our offer within the framework of company health management.

In 2021, the Institute was able to place all four nominated female scientists for the "sign-up!" career programme at the Max Planck Society. The intention of the programme is to specifically support women with leadership potential in their career planning and to prepare them for leading positions in science.

The Equal Opportunities Officer of the Max Planck Society is Dr. Ulla Weber. Equality Page of the Max Planck Society or the Equality Page for members of the Max Planck Society

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