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Keep in touch with us! - The MPIE Alumni -Network

You have worked at the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung?

Please register to our MPIE Alumni-Network!

How to become a member?

Registration is free of charge.

Please complete the pdf-form and mail or fax it to our Alumni Representative:

Brigitte Kohlhaas

Fon:+49 211 6792-541

Fax:+49 211 6792-218


Members of the MPIE Alumni-Network get information on:

Who can register?

Alumni are all colleagues that have worked for more than 6 months at the Institute. This includes all scientists, guests scientists, PhD students, diploma-/master-students, scholars and postdocs as well as all non-scientific co-workers. in case of doubt, please contact our Alumni Representative Mrs. Kohlhaas.

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