The Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung (MPIE) is organized into four research departments, each headed by a director. Together with the head of administration, these leaders constitute the institute's management. Within each department, multiple research groups are supervised by research group leaders. These leaders oversee ongoing research endeavors and provide guidance to master's, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.

In addition to the research groups, the institute provides opportunities for apprenticeships. Trainees collaborate closely with the researchers, enriching their learning experience and contributing to the institute's endeavors.


MPIE occupies a prominent position in global scientific leadership, particularly excelling in multiscale materials modeling, surface science, metallurgical alloy design, and advanced structure characterization of complex engineering and functional materials.

While the institute is structured into four departments, collaborative efforts in material design, analysis, and processing encourage strong interdepartmental connections and synergy among research groups. This organizational approach fosters both individual scientific excellence within departments and the collective development of new materials with intricate properties, leveraging the diverse expertise across departments. Cross-disciplinary research initiatives optimize the utilization of scientific equipment and cultivate a cohesive research profile.

Furthermore, a number of expertly trained scientific and technical service groups complement this framework. These service units encompass a mechanical and electronics workshop, a chemical analysis group, a hydrogen laboratory, a metallography and materials testing team, a network center, a library, and a research coordination office comprising the international doctoral program IMPRS-SusMet, an International Office and experts for event management, research funding and science communication.

Our departments dedicate their research to specific fields while simultaneously working together in interdisciplinary key topics. more
Besides the research done in our departments under supervision of the directors who act as department heads, we have independent research groups which are lead by either internal or external group leaders. more
The MPIE has several interdepartmental research groups in which all departments and often also external scientists participate or even lead the group. In addition, there are groups that are linked to partner universities and are led by former MPIE members. more
We analyse materials down to their atomic and electronic scale to unravel the correlation between their microstructure and properties. This comprehension empowers us to engineer sustainable and smart materials capable of enduring extreme operational environments. Employing state-of-the-art microscopy methods and computer simulations, we push the boundaries of material science. Our four departments collaborate with each other as well as with global partners to tackle the following pivotal research areas. more


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