Research at the MPIE

We analyse materials down to their atomic and electronic scale to unravel the correlation between their microstructure and properties. This comprehension empowers us to engineer sustainable and smart materials capable of enduring extreme operational environments. Employing state-of-the-art microscopy methods and computer simulations, we push the boundaries of material science. Our four departments collaborate with each other as well as with global partners to tackle the following pivotal research areas. [more]
Our departments dedicate their research to specific fields while simultaneously working together in interdisciplinary key topics. [more]
Besides the research done in our departments under supervision of the directors who act as department heads, we have independent research groups which are lead by either internal or external group leaders. [more]
The MPIE has several interdepartmental research groups in which all departments and often also external scientists participate or even lead the group. In addition, there are groups that are linked to partner universities and are led by former MPIE members. [more]
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