Group Heads for Contact

PD Dr. Michael Rohwerder
Michael Rohwerder
Group Leader

Phone: +49 211 6792 914
Andreas Erbe
Group Leader

Phone: +49 211 6792 890
Fax: +49 211 6792 218
Karl Mayrhofer
Group Leader

Phone: +49 211 6792 160
Dr. Stefan Wippermann
Stefan Wippermann
Group Leader

Phone: +49 211 6792 161



Presently we offer these positions:


Hints for Applications:

Application are assumed in written or electronic form.
They can be formulated in English or German. 

1. Written form:

  1. Cover letter:
    Always include a reference to the position you apply for and source of information about the position in your covering letter.
  2. Personal record:
    List all important data chronologically and include a bonded or scanned picture.
  3. Certifications:
    As far as available, please attach copies (not necessarily certified) of: 
    1. Zeugnisse / Abitur 
    2. Abschlußzeugnis 
    3. Vordiplom 
    4. Diplom 
    5. Promotion 
    6. Arbeitszeugnis 
  4. Publication list:
    Include copies of abstracts of the most important publications (max. 10). 

2. Electronic form:

Beside the condition specified above should the following be considered:

  1. Cover letter:
    Include a cover letter into the email (plain text only, no HTML, no JPG). Everything else shall be attached to the email. 
  2. File format:
    Only PDF (Adobe Acrobate) oder DOC (MSWord) Files. 
  3. Important when using Word-Documents:
    Macro functions must be switched off. Otherwise, because of the virus thread, the document is deleted unread! 
  4. Max. size:
    The total volume should not exceed 2 MB.
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