Research Topics

In the recent years extensive collaborative experimental and theoretical work focussed on the electrochemical oxygen reduction reaction (ORR), a fundamental electrochemical reaction relevant in both corrosion as well as energy conversion processes. [more]
The corrosion research of the department includes aqueous, atmospheric and bio-corrosion processes and their inhibition, covering both fundamental and applied aspects. [more]
In modern corrosion protection systems, the concept of inhibitor release from capsules incorporated into metallic coatings is one important direction. [more]
The development of coatings for corrosion protection within the department focuses mainly on the application of conducting polymers and particle modified zinc coatings. [more]
Steel surfaces are of particular interest for the department of Interface Chemistry and Surface Engineering. In close collaboration with the steel industry and in many cases funded by European funds, steel related projects cover the full range of surface treatments, which are important in modern steel surface chemistry. [more]
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