Interface Spectroscopy (closed)

Coupling optical spectroscopy and electrochemical methods, we want to address questions about structure, kinetics, and dynamics at organic/inorganic and liquid/solid interfaces. Further interest is on targeted chemical modification of interfaces. The main current interest is on understanding and decelerating corrosion processes.

In the spectroscopic method development part of our work, we want to enhance capabilities of optical spectroscopy to understand electrochemical processes. The surface chemistry side of our work centres around the generation of ultrathin polymer films, surface crystallisation, especially in the formation of conversion coatings, and self-assembly.

Since 1 October 2012, our group is part of the Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) "Somatai" (Soft Matter as aqueous interfaces). SOMATAI

Our group collaborates within the DFG Priority Programme "Joining by Forming" (SPP1640 Fügen durch Plastische Deformation)

Our group collaborates with a number of partners in the BMBF funded project "Mangan" on manganese for water splitting

The group continues thriving activities despite the move of the principal investigator to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway as of end of 2015 New website

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