Scientific Curriculum

The scientific activities are the main part of the curriculum. The SurMat Lectures are five different block lectures. Once per year the annual retreat takes place and in irregular time periods workshops are organized.

The five SurMat Lectures give insight into the various aspects of modern materials and interface science. The topics are:

  • Material Characterization
  • Microstructure and mechanical properties
  • Interface chemistry
  • Electrochemistry and corrosion
  • Simulation and modeling

The lectures are block lectures each taking place at one of the partner institutes of the IMPRS-SurMat. After each lecture there is a written examination.

An Institute Day accompanies every lecture. At this day, the local research work is presented to the doctoral students. The presentation includes lectures, lab tours and posters.

The annual retreat takes place at an external venue for 2 or 3 days. All doctoral students and many supervisors meet and discuss the ongoing projects presented by the students. Through the scientfic discussion fruitful input is given to the students as well as existing collaborations are enhacend and new ones started. Moreover the annual retreat is a group event of the whole IMPRS‐SurMat community where people especially from different working places get to know each other on a basis which goes beyond the everyday work.

Workshops are organized at one of the IMPRS-SurMat partner institutes in irregular time periods of 3 or 4 years. For these events international guest speakers are invited. Further talks are given by IMPRS-SurMat advisors and students. In extensive poster sessions all doctoral students have the opportunity to present and discuss their scientific work.
In average each doctoral student attends one workshop.

In addition to this scientific curriculum organized by the IMPRS-SurMat all doctoral students are encouraged to attend international conferences and to contribute posters or talks.

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