The IMPRS SusMet/SurMat ALUMNI Network

Let's keep in touch!

The graduates of the new IMPRS SusMet and the previous IMPRS-SurMat will form the joint IMPRS SusMet/SurMat Alumni Network.

Since the start of the IMPRS-SurMat in 2004 more than 100 students have succesfully finished their doctoral degree and are now pursuing their careers all over the world. We'd like to keep in touch.

As member of our alumni network you can

  • get or stay in touch with each other
  • network, discuss and meet, share experiences and maybe even start new collaborations
  • receive news and information from the IMPRS-SurMat
  • observe the current scientific developments in your field
  • support the career of young academics via mentoring or job shadowing



Read about our successful IMPRS-SurMat Alumni.  more
Register here to become part of the Alumni network.  more

Where you can find our alumni today:

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