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Awards & Honours 2010

Dr.-Ing. Stefanie Sandlöbes has received the "Friedrich-Wilhelm Preis" of the “Friedrich-Wilhelm-Stiftung” at the RWTH Aachen for her PHD-Thesis "Untersuchungen zum Einsatz berührungsloser in-situ Messmethoden für die Analyse metallurgischer Gase" November 2010
MSci F. Ram has received the 1st poster prize of the “Nucleation, Microstructure Evolution and Phase Transition” Symposium. MSE 2010, Darmstadt, Germany, 24-26 August 2010
Dr. C. Herrera has received the Best Poster Prize at the 4th International Conference on Recrystallization and Grain Growth, Sheffield, UK, 4-9 July 2010
Dipl.-Ing. C. Kords has received the "Springorum-Denkmünze of the RWTH Aachen" University of Aachen, 18th of June 2010
Dr.-Ing. S. Sandlöbes has received the "11th Willy-Korf-Award for Young Excellence" at the Steel Success Strategies XXV, New York, USA. 2010
Dr. Chengwu Zheng joins our department as a guest scientist from Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences for two years. March 2010
Hisashi Sato, Dr. S. Zaefferer and Yoshimi Watanabe have received the 2010 Sawamura Award for their publication "In-situ observation of butterfly-type martensite in Fe-30mass%Ni alloy during tensile test using high-resolution EBSD" , ISIJ International, Vol. 49 (2009), No.11, pp. 1784-1791, 2010

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