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Temporary Research Groups

Funding ended January 2023
This group was concerned with the 3D mapping of hydrogen at near-atomic scale in metallic alloys with the aim to better understand hydrogen storage materials and hydrogen embrittlement. [more]
Engineering materials are subjected to various thermo-chemo-mechanical loads during production and in service. The aim of the "Integrated Computational Materials Engineering" research group is the development, implementation, and application of models that allow to investigate who the materials respond to these loads. To enable investigations at time and length scales relevant for engineering applications, the models are typically based on continuum approximations. [more]
This research group aims to increase the direct sustainability of structural and functional metals. The research topics cover reduced CO2-intensive primary production, low-energy metallurgical synthesis, metal recycling, scrap-compatible alloy design, green steel, sustainable semiconductors, improved longevity of alloys, and green energy generation via combustion of metal powders. The scientific focus lies in the study of the physical and chemical foundations for improving the direct sustainability of structural metals.
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