Group Leader

Dr. Baptiste Gault
Baptiste Gault
Group Leader

Phone: +49 211 6792 908

Deputy Group Leader

Dr. Leigh Stephenson
Leigh Stephenson
Deputy Group Leader

Phone: +49 211 6792 794

Funded by ERC Consolidator Grant

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Hydrogen in Energy Materials

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Hydrogen in Energy Materials

This group is concerned with the 3D mapping of hydrogen at near-atomic scale in metallic alloys with the aim to better understand hydrogen storage materials and hydrogen embrittlement.

This group Hydrogen in Energy Materials (ERC-SHINE) is funded by the ERC-Consolidator grant obtained by Dr. Baptiste Gault. The group is hosted in the Microstructure Physics and Alloy Design department, with collaborators based in the CM department, in particular Dr. Tilmann Hickel.

SHINE will make use of the infrastructure of the LAPLACE project established by funding received from the Max-Planck-Society and the BMBF, to try and unveil the distribution of hydrogen in metals by using atom probe tomography.

Two main axes will be pursued: first, metallic systems in which hydrogen is known to cause severe embrittlement; second, metallic systems used in hydrogen storage or in hydrogen power generation (i.e. fuel cells).

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