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Awards & Honours 2014

  Dr. Wei Guo received the Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Selffinanced Students Abroad.
  Dr. Wei Guo received the Best Poster Award on the MRS Fall conference.
  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dierk Raabe is Facultaire Honorary Professor at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU), Department of Materials Engineering    (MTM). November 2014
  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dierk Raabe has been admitted to the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina. November 2014

C. Zambaldi, C. Zehnder and D. Raabe were honored for their excellent poster presentation, out of approx. 70 posters, at the 17th      International Conference on Textures of Materials, ICOTOM 17 with the Poster Award. The poster title was : "Controlled initiation of twinning  in magnesium during indentation". August 2014

  Dr. Pratheek Shanthraj received a AICES postdoctoral fellowship.
  New Humboldt Research Fellowship: Dr. Rong Hu has started her fellowship.
  Minjie Lai gained the Award for the Best Student Poster at the 3rd International Workshop on Physics, Based Material Models and Experimental Observations, Special Focus: Plasticity and Creep for his poster "ω phase accommodated nano-twinning mechanism in Gum Metal: an ab initio study". June 2014
  New Humboldt Research Fellowship goes to Dr. Jinkyung Kim from Korea.
  Dipl.-Phys. Torsten Schwarz received the "E-MRS Graduate Student Award" for his presentation during the symposium on "Thin Film  Chalcogenide Photocoltaic Materials" at the "Spring Meeting 2014" of the EuropeanMaterialsResearchSociety (E-MRS) in Lille, France. May 2014
  Prof. Dr. Surya R. Kalidindi  has been selected for the Alexander von Humboldt Research Award in October 2013. The sponsorship started in May 2014.
  M.Sc. Ju-Heon Kim was awarded a national DAAD Fellowship with a Research Grant for Doctoral Candidates and Young Academics and Scientists.

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