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Development and applications of a high temperature nano-/micro mechanics device with a novel temperature measurement approach
V. Arigela and C. Kirchlechner

A novel design with independent tip and sample heating is developed to characterize materials at high temperatures. This design is realized by modifying a displacement controlled room temperature micro straining rig with addition of two miniature hot stages.

The stages are heated to 600°C with two independent 50W diode laser systems. The whole setup is placed inside a custom-made steel environmental chamber, capable of attaining a vacuum of 10-6 mbar. An inverted optical microscope placed at the top of the chamber is used as a visual aid to facilitate the experiments.

The setup is currently being used to characterize Laves phases and tensile thin films of pure Cu and Cu-X (X = Ag, Zr, …) binary alloys. In addition, the in situ study of temperature and environmental effects on interfaces and the embrittlement of materials is envisioned.

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