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This list consists only of publications since the formation of the department "Structure and Nano-/Micromechanics of Materials". If you click on an author's name, you will be directed to the authors complete MPS publication list.

Journal Article (204)

  1. 1.
    Fang, X.; Rasiński, M.; Kreter, A.; Kirchlechner, C.; Linsmeier, C.; Dehm, G.; Brinckmann, S.: Plastic deformation of tungsten due to deuterium plasma exposure: insights from micro-compression tests. Scripta Materialia 162, pp. 132 - 135 (2019)
  2. 2.
    Yang, G.; Zhao, Y.; Lee, D.-H.; Park, J.-M.; Seok, M.-Y.; Suh, J.-Y.; Ramamurty, U.; Jang, J.-i.: Influence of hydrogen on incipient plasticity in CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy. Scripta Materialia 161, pp. 23 - 27 (2019)
  3. 3.
    Brinckmann, S.; Stratmann, A.; Dehm, G.; Jacobs, G.: Tribolayer formation during macro- and microscale cyclic contact. Tribology International 129, pp. 436 - 441 (2019)
  4. 4.
    Teržan, J.; Djinović, P.; Zavašnik, J.; Arčon, I.; Žerjav, G.; Spreitzer, M.; Pintar, A.: Alkali and earth alkali modified CuOx/SiO2 catalysts for propylene partial oxidation: What determines the selectivity? Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 237, pp. 214 - 227 (2018)
  5. 5.
    Brycht, M.; Leniart, A.; Zavašnik, J.; Nosal–Wiercińska, A.; Wasiński, K.; Półrolniczak, P.; Skrzypek, S.; Kalcher, K.: Synthesis and characterization of the thermally reduced graphene oxide in argon atmosphere, and its application to construct graphene paste electrode as a naptalam electrochemical sensor. Analytica Chimica Acta 1035, pp. 22 - 31 (2018)
  6. 6.
    Saksena, A.; Chien, Y. C.; Chang, K.; Kümmerl, P.; Hans, M.; Völker, B.; Schneider, J. M.: Metastable phase formation of Pt–X (X = Ir, Au) thin films. Scientific Reports 8 (1), 10198 (2018)
  7. 7.
    Breen, A. J.; Mouton, I.; Lu, W.; Wang, S.; Szczepaniak, A.; Kontis, P.; Stephenson, L.; Chang, Y.; Kwiatkowski da Silva, A.; Liebscher, C. et al.; Raabe, D.; Britton, T. B.; Herbig, M.; Gault, B.: Atomic scale analysis of grain boundary deuteride growth front in Zircaloy-4. Scripta Materialia 156, pp. 42 - 46 (2018)
  8. 8.
    Choi, W. S.; Sandlöbes, S.; Malyar, N.; Kirchlechner, C.; Korte-Kerzel, S.; Dehm, G.; Choi, P.-P.; Raabe, D.: On the nature of twin boundary-associated strengthening in Fe–Mn–C steel. Scripta Materialia 156, pp. 27 - 31 (2018)
  9. 9.
    Gopanna, A.; Thomas, S. P.; Rajan, K. P.; Rajan, R.; Rainosalo, E.; Zavašnik, J.; Chavali, M.: Investigation of mechanical, dynamic mechanical, rheological and morphological properties of blends based on polypropylene (PP) and cyclic olefin copolymer (COC). European Polymer Journal 108, pp. 439 - 451 (2018)
  10. 10.
    Fang, X.; Kreter, A.; Rasiński, M.; Kirchlechner, C.; Brinckmann, S.; Linsmeier, C.; Dehm, G.: Hydrogen embrittlement of tungsten induced by deuterium plasma: Insights from nanoindentation tests. Journal of Materials Research 33 (20), pp. 3530 - 3536 (2018)
  11. 11.
    Kontis, P.; Köhler, M.; Evertz, S.; Chen, Y. T.; Schnabel, V.; Soler, R.; Bednarick, J.; Kirchlechner, C.; Dehm, G.; Raabe, D. et al.; Schneider, J. M.; Gault, B.: Nano-laminated thin film metallic glass design for outstanding mechanical properties. Scripta Materialia 155, pp. 73 - 77 (2018)
  12. 12.
    Lu, W.; Herbig, M.; Liebscher, C.; Morsdorf, L.; Marceau, R. K. W.; Dehm, G.; Raabe, D.: Formation of eta carbide in ferrous martensite by room temperature aging. Acta Materialia 158, pp. 297 - 312 (2018)
  13. 13.
    Cordill, M. J.; Kleinbichler, A.; Völker, B.; Kraker, P.; Economy, D. R.; Economy, D. R.; Többens, D. M.; Kirchlechner, C.; Kennedy, M. S.: In-situ observations of the fracture and adhesion of Cu/Nb multilayers on polyimide substrates. Materials Science and Engineering A: Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing 735, pp. 456 - 462 (2018)
  14. 14.
    Gleich, S.; Breitbach, B.; Peter, N. J.; Soler, R.; Bolvardi, H.; Schneider, J. M.; Dehm, G.; Scheu, C.: Thermal stability of nanocomposite Mo2BC hard coatings deposited by magnetron sputtering. Surface and Coatings Technology 349, pp. 378 - 383 (2018)
  15. 15.
    Soler, R.; Gleich, S.; Kirchlechner, C.; Scheu, C.; Schneider, J. M.; Dehm, G.: Fracture toughness of Mo2BC thin films: Intrinsic toughness versus system toughening. Materials and Design 154, pp. 20 - 27 (2018)
  16. 16.
    Im, H. J.; Makineni, S. K.; Gault, B.; Stein, F.; Raabe, D.; Choi, P.-P.: Elemental partitioning and site-occupancy in γ/γ′ forming Co–Ti–Mo and Co–Ti–Cr alloys. Scripta Materialia 154, pp. 159 - 162 (2018)
  17. 17.
    Meiners, T.; Peng, Z.; Gault, B.; Liebscher, C.; Dehm, G.: Sulfur – induced embrittlement in high-purity, polycrystalline copper. Acta Materialia 156, pp. 64 - 75 (2018)
  18. 18.
    Németh, A. A. N.; Crudden, D. J.; Collins, D. M.; Kuksenko, V.; Liebscher, C.; Armstrong, D. E. J.; Wilkinson, A. J.; Reed, R. C.: On the Influence of Nb/Ti Ratio on Environmentally-Assisted Crack Growth in High-Strength Nickel-Based Superalloys. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, Topical Collection: Superalloys and Their Applications 49 (9), pp. 3923 - 3937 (2018)
  19. 19.
    Soler, R.; Evirgen, A.; Yao, M.; Kirchlechner, C.; Stein, F.; Feuerbacher, M.; Raabe, D.; Dehm, G.: Microstructural and mechanical characterization of an equiatomic YGdTbDyHo high entropy alloy with hexagonal close-packed structure. Acta Materialia 156, pp. 86 - 96 (2018)
  20. 20.
    Brycht, M.; Leniart, A.; Zavašnik, J.; Nosal–Wiercińska, A.; Wasiński, K.; Półrolniczak, P.; Skrzypek, S.; Kalcher, K.: Paste electrode based on the thermally reduced graphene oxide in ambient air – Its characterization and analytical application for analysis of 4–chloro–3,5–dimethylphenol. Electrochimica Acta 282, pp. 233 - 241 (2018)
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