Robot Microscopy

Video: How to save time and effort in materials’ characterization?

October 31, 2022

Researchers all over the world are using high-end microscopes to analyze materials down to the atomic scale. However, sample preparation takes time and effort. It is often a limiting factor for gaining big data sets. So what about automatizing the whole process, thus enabling scientists to have more time for the intepretation of the gained data?
Reza Hosseinabadi explains the benefits of robot microscopy and shows our in-house developed system for automated electron backscatter diffraction.

Explanatory publication about the robot system

Shao-Pu Tsai, Peter Joachim Konijnenberg, Ivan Gonzalez, Samuel Hartke, Thomas A. Griffiths, Michael Herbig, Kaori Kawano-Miyata, Akira Taniyama, Naoyuki Sano, and Stefan Zaefferer, "Development of a new, fully automated system for electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD)-based large volume three-dimensional microstructure mapping using serial sectioning by mechanical polishing, and its application to the analysis of special boundaries in 316L stainless steel," Review of Scientific Instruments 93, 093707 (2022).

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