Electrical characteristics of grain boundaries

Electrical characteristics of grain boundaries

The structure of grain boundaries (GBs) is dependent on the crystallographic structure of the material, orientation of the neighbouring grains, composition of material and temperature. The abovementioned conditions set a specific structure of the GB which dictates several properties of the materials, e.g. mechanical behaviour and diffusion. Recently it has been reported  of a phase transitions inside GBs opening the way to a new research field. This project aims to interconnect the electrical properties to the existing knowledge on GBs.

To this purpose, bi-crystals of bulk and thin films are prepared in purpose to obtain single GB zones. Different GBs structures and orientations will be produced by selecting different process conditions. Then, the single GB zone is subjected to electrical characterization in order to facilitate understanding of the GB properties.

Different GB structures expected at different disorientation of Copper. [Timofey Frolov et al Nat. Commun. 9, 467, 2018]

Two crystals joined by a grain boundary. Coloured transmission electron microscope image.


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