What happens in material imperfections at the atomic level?

Video with Christian Liebscher about his latest research results

In electronic devices, material imperfections play a key role in determining lifespan as well as in safety considerations. In this video, Christian Liebscher, head of the group "Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy", puts such defects under the microscope so that we can better understand their atomic structure. Focusing on grain boundaries at which different crystals join together and using transmission electron microscopy, Liebscher explains how this research can bring about improvements in materials science and to the devices that we use in our daily lives.

Thorsten Meiners, Timofey Frolov, Robert E. Rudd, Gerhard Dehm, and Christian Liebscher, "Observations of grain-boundary phase transformations in an elemental metal," Nature 579 (7799), 375-378 (2020).

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