Local structure-property relationships in laser-processed materials

Local structure-property relationships in laser-processed materials

In this project, links are being established between local chemical variation and the mechanical response of laser-processed metallic alloys and advanced materials.


The intrinsically high local cooling and solidification rates of laser melting can lead to unique changes in chemical ordering including at microstructural defects. Within this space, we have studied the ZrCu-based bulk metallic glass system (AMZ4) regarding the role of oxygen-update in the characteristic local atomic order and the influence on the mechanical properties using macroscale fracture toughness measurements (shown in Figure below) together with analysing fingerprints of deformation with micropillar compression [1-4]. Similar approaches have been used for understanding chemical segregation and intermetallic formation in Al-alloys [5,6]. This work has been extended to optimise laser-processing of metallic glasses in collaboration with the University Duisburg-Essen, while similar concepts have also been applied to study chemical and structural damage in laser-processed [7,8] and ion beam processed [9,10] diamond.

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