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MPG Group
Thin Film Materials Design

Future technology challenges will no longer be simply addressed by today's materials and processing solutions, which are often based on trial and error. Instead, guidance will be attained from correlative experimental and theoretical research bridging all length scales.

The research in the MPG group “Thin Film Materials Design” focuses on conceiving and designing thin film model systems for structural and functional materials by synthesizing and characterizing single- and multiphase structural materials in thin film form. Here, precise control of vapor energy and flux enables the growth of materials that replicate the application-relevant structural features of the structural material system to be modeled. Combinatorial synthesis protocols have been proved efficient in delineating composition-structure–property relationships. Previously, High-Manganese steels [1] and MAX phases [2,3] have been explored while the focus now has been moved to 2D materials such as MBenes [4]. Information obtained from ab initio and ab inito molecular dynamics simulations guide the material selection and synthesis effort.



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