Hydrogen - the future fuel source

New video explains how green hydrogen is produced

Climate change is a reality and the change towards a greener economy a necessity. Driving cars fuelled with hydrogen, production of steel with hydrogen instead of carbon and storing excess energy from wind and solar plants through hydrogen as an energy carrier: All this needs a reliable hydrogen production on an industrial scale.

So, how is hydrogen produced? Raquel Aymerich Armengol explains how she and her colleagues at MPIE are exploring ways to produce hydrogen more efficiently through designing new catalysts. Catalysts are needed to speed up the chemical processes underlying hydrogen production.

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M. Vega Paredes, A. Garzón Manjón, B. Hill, T. Schwarz, N. A. Rivas, T. Juriszinsky, K. Hengge, F. Mack, C. Scheu
Evaluation of functional layers thinning of high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells after long term operation

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