Externe Max-Planck-Forschungsgruppen

Das MPIE hat mehrere externe Kooperationen, die in engem Kontakt mit den internen Forschungsgruppen und Abteilungen stehen. Die Gruppen sind teilweise am MPIE selbst, aber werden von externen Gruppenleiterinnen und -leitern geführt. Oder sie sind an Partneruniversitäten angebunden.
Die folgenden Beschreibungen sind nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

This project combinatorially explores multi-component systems based on the concept of high entropy alloys (HEAs).This concept enables experimentally probing compositions that are multi-component in nature and are also located in the middle of phase diagrams. Eqilibrium and non-equilibrium phases can be found and identified for their crystal structures and their magnetic properties as a function of composition by employing multiple methods of combinatorial screening. mehr
Our group is trying to push functional bulk magnets to their physical limits given by their intrinsic properties. Key is the understanding of the critical magnetization reversal processes on the atomic scale. We tackle this with the most advanced correlated electron microscopies and tomographies combined with sophisticated simulation across the length scales applied to modelsystems made by additive manufacturing. mehr
Designing damage tolerant functional oxide nanostructures
Multiferroic oxide films have enormous potential applications in next-generation electronic, memory and energy harvesting technologies due to their perovskite structure. mehr
High temperature materials are used for critical components in power plants, chemical/metallurgical plants, motors for ships and cars and in gas turbines for aero engines. mehr
The focus of the research group is to investigate phase transformation phenomena that occur as a result of metal-gas reactions, which, in turn, generate stresses and lattice defects in the material. mehr
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