Externe Max-Planck-Forschungsgruppen

Das MPIE hat mehrere externe Kooperationspartner, die in engem Kontakt mit den internen Forschungsgruppenleitern stehen. Diese Kooperationen entstanden entweder aus ehemaligen Fellow-Gruppen, wie im Falle der Gruppe "High Temperature Materials". Oder es sind Partnergruppen unter der Leitung ehemaliger MPIE-Postdoktoranden, die sich erfolgreich auf ein Förderprogramm der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft beworben haben.
Die folgenden Beschreibungen sind nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

This project combinatorially explores multi-component systems based on the concept of high entropy alloys (HEAs).This concept enables experimentally probing compositions that are multi-component in nature and are also located in the middle of phase diagrams. Eqilibrium and non-equilibrium phases can be found and identified for their crystal structures and their magnetic properties as a function of composition by employing multiple methods of combinatorial screening. mehr
Designing damage tolerant functional oxide nanostructures
Multiferroic oxide films have enormous potential applications in next-generation electronic, memory and energy harvesting technologies due to their perovskite structure. mehr
High temperature materials are used for critical components in power plants, chemical/metallurgical plants, motors for ships and cars and in gas turbines for aero engines. mehr
The focus of the research group is to investigate phase transformation phenomena that occur as a result of metal-gas reactions, which, in turn, generate stresses and lattice defects in the material. mehr
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