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Design of transformation-induced plasticity-assisted dual-phase high-entropy alloys

In this project, we employ a metastability-engineering strategy to design bulk high-entropy alloys (HEAs) with multiple compositionally equivalent high-entropy phases.

HEAs are originally proposed to benefit from phase-stabilization through entropy-maximization. Yet, the concept is overturned in this project by designing a massive solid solution strengthened, transformation-induced plasticity-assisted, dual-phase HEA (TRIP-DP-HEA). We decrease phase stability to achieve two key benefits: (i) interface hardening due to a dual-phase microstructure (that results from reduced thermal-stability of the high temperature phase); (ii) transformation-induced hardening (that results from the reduced mechanical-stability of the room temperature phase). This combines the best of two worlds: extensive hardening of advanced steels owing to decreased phase stability, and massive solid solution strengthening of HEAs.

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