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Research Projects

Correlative orientation (TEM) and compositional mapping (APT) in 3-dimensions with high spatial and chemical resolution 
In collaboration with Dr. Edgar Rauch, SIMAP laboratory, Grenoble, and Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, MATEIS, INSA Lyon, we are developing a correlative scanning precession electron diffraction and atom probe tomography method to access the three-dimensional (3D) crystallographic character and compositional information of nanomaterials with unprecedented spatial and chemical resolution. more
White Etching Crack Formation in bearings
The unpredictable failure mechanism of White Etching Crack (WEC) formation in bearing steels urgently demands in-depth understanding of the underlying mechanisms in the microstructure. The first breakthrough was achieved by relating the formation of White Etching Areas (WEAs) to successive WEC movement. more
Cementite decomposition in 100Cr6 bearing steel during high pressure torsion
Severe plastic deformation leads to cementite decomposition in pearlitic and martensitic alloys, resulting in high-strength nanocrystalline ferrite. This effect can be employed to strengthen pearlitic wires but it can also be associated with material failure by white etching cracks (WECs) more
Alloy Design of WEC-resistant Bearing Steels using a Customized Rolling Contact Fatigue Test Rig
The aim of the project is to elucidate the mechanism behind white etching crack (WEC) formation in bearing applications and to create materials that are resistant to this failure mechanism. The most prominent example for WEC failure are gear bearings of wind turbines. However, also many other applications from rails, over clutches to washing machines are concerned. more
Understanding the outstanding durability of the high nitrogen martensitic bearing steels
By characterizing the high N alloyed martensitic stainless bearing steel X30CrMoN15-1 in-depth, we rationalize the exceptional white etching crack resistance of this complex technical alloy in terms of the different grain boundary segregation behavior between nitrogen and carbon, the mechanical and thermodynamic stability of the precipitates, and the cleanliness of the steel. more
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