We encourage Ph. D. students, post-docs, young and senior scientists working in the area of atom probe tomography, field-ion microscopy and electrochemistry to contribute to the discussions and to present their own research. The number of participants is limited to 35 (incl.invited speakers). We advise scientists interested in attending the seminar to send their application (name, abstract, and desired presentation type) as soon as possible to .

Your application should include an abstract and a confirmation that you will stay for the duration of the workshop (26 April - 29 April 2020). You might also indicate if an accommodation in a single room is preferred. However, due to space limitations, this cannot be guaranteed. Please note that there will be no automatic response to your email. The scientific organizers will inform you about the possibility of participation after the submission deadline.


The application / abstract submission deadline is March 15, 2020.

Conference Fee

The conference fee, which includes lodging for three nights and all meals, is 375 € for participants.

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