Alloy Design, Combinatorial Synthesis, and Microstructure– Property Relations for Low-Density Fe-Mn-Al-C Austenitic Steels

In this project we pursue recent developments in the field of austenitic steels with up to 18% reduced mass density.

The alloys are based on the Fe-Mn-Al-C system. Here, two steel types are addressed. The first one is a class of low-density twinning-induced plasticity or single phase austenitic TWIP (SIMPLEX) steels with 25–30 wt.% Mn and<4–5 wt.% Al or even<8 wt.% Al when naturally aged. The second one is a class of j-carbide strengthened austenitic steels with even higher Al content. Here, j-carbides form either at 500–600°C or even during quenching for >10 wt.% Al. Three topics are addressed in more detail, namely, the combinatorial bulk high-throughput design of a wide range of corresponding alloy variants, the development of microstructure–property relations for such steels.

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