Conference Venue: Ringberg Castle

Located on the foothill of Tegernsee in the Bavarian Alps, 50 km south of Munich, Schloss Ringberg is a property of the Max-Planck-Society and used for conferences.



The conference organizers will coordinate your accomodation. For room details, please click here.

Travel instructions

Instructions how to get to Ringberg castle can be found here . Please do not arrive before Sunday 4 pm, as the convention centre is not operating at the weekend and you will not be able to enter. If you inform us about your arrival time, we can try to arrange transportation from the train station (Tegernsee) to the castle for you.

For the arrival on Sunday: Please note that there is a replacement service with buses for the train to Tegernsee. Hence, you please take the train from Munich main station departing from one of the platforms 27-36 in the direction Lenggries (these are the two first parts of the train). Do not embark on the train part that might be annouced as “Tegernsee”, since this one already terminates in Holzkirchen (two stations too early). Leave the train at Schaftlach. From their, take the bus replacement service to Tegernsee.

For those colleagues arriving 15:56 pm at Tegernsee train station: As we do not have enough cars to accommodate everybody at the same time, please consider to take the bus Bus 9556 (direction to Klamm, Kreuth). It departs 16:17 pm from Tegernsee train station. You need to leave at Oberhof Naturkäserei, Kreuth, i.e. at 16:41 (note that it only stops there after return from Wallberg station).  From there we can organize a shuttle for the remaining 2 km uphill. The same bus option exists 1 and 2 hours later and might be needed, depending on the number of participants arriving simultaneously.

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