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Former Research Groups

The scientific mission of the Nano-/Micromechanics of Materials group is to extract mechanical properties of materials at the microstructural length scale and link the mechanical response with the initial and evolving defect structure. The primary focus therefore lies on the deformation response of individual single crystals, bi-crystals or selected interfaces – where metallic thin-film systems are of particular interest. [more]
Formerly Nanotribology group
“Tribology” is the study of friction and wear. Both mechanisms occur in the majority of transportation and manufacturing equipment and the friction induced energy loss is around 30-40%. Hence, the reduction of friction leads to a reduction of the energy requirement and therefore environmental and financial protection. [more]
The group focusses on the development and synthesis of novel nanostructured thin films, while exploring their physical and mechanical properties for both fundamental and applied science. Motivating the group’s work is the requirement of novel high-performance thin films with superior structural and functional properties for advanced applications such as micro-/nanoelectronics, energy production, sensors and wear protection. In particular, intrinsic but mutually exclusive structural properties such as high strength and ductility must be combined, but also the resistance to harsh conditions such as corrosive environments, wear, and high temperature be improved. [more]
Functional oxide nanostructures
Designing damage tolerant functional oxide nanostructures
Multiferroic oxide films have enormous potential applications in next-generation electronic, memory and energy harvesting technologies due to their perovskite structure. more
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