Tailoring layered Ni-rich oxide cathode materials for solid-state battery applications

Bulk-type (inorganic) solid-state batteries are a promising next-generation energy-storage technology with the prospect of improving safety and enabling higher energy densities than conventional lithium-ion batteries [1]. Especially high-capacity, layered oxide cathode materials (NCM or related) and lithium thiophosphate superionic solid electrolytes are currently being considered for solid-state battery applications (at the positive electrode side). However, interfacial side reactions and chemo-mechanical degradation during cycling operation are major obstacles toward commercialization of “practical” cells. In this presentation, I will demonstrate the importance of tailoring Ni-rich NCM materials in terms of size and composition, among others, for improving the cycling performance of pelletized and slurry-cast cathodes [2-4]. In addition, I will show recent findings on the effects that coating chemistry and morphology have on the side reactions, including gas evolution, in high-loading cells [4-6].

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