Research Projects - Nanomechanics

Design of MEMS based testing platforms
This project will aim at developing MEMS based nanoforce sensors with capacitive sensing capabilities. The nanoforce sensors will be further incorporated with in situ SEM and TEM small scale testing systems, for allowing simultaneous visualization of the deformation process during mechanical tests more
Electrothermomechanical testing of metallic nanowires
We will investigate the electrothermomechanical response of individual metallic nanowires as a function of microstructural interfaces from the growth processes. This will be accomplished using in situ SEM 4-point probe-based electrical resistivity measurements and 2-point probe-based impedance measurements, as a function of mechanical strain and temperature. more
In situ TEM MEMS based tensile testing of thin films
We plan to investigate the rate-dependent tensile properties of 2D materials such as HCP metal thin films and PbMoO4 (PMO) films by using a combination of a novel plan-view FIB based sample lift out method and a MEMS based in situ tensile testing platform inside a TEM. more
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