Process modelling of reacting flows and industry applications: Recent work of hydrogen injection processes in ironmaking blast furnaces

Process design and control plays a significant role in modern industries. Most processes and reactors are very complex, as they usually involve not only multiphase flows but also heat and mass transfers related to chemical reactions and their interactions and vary intensively. The operation must be optimized in order to be competitive and sustainable, particularly under the more and more demanding economic and environmental conditions. This will need continuous innovative research and development. Computer simulation and modelling, supported by online data and experiments, has emerged as an indispensable adjunct to the traditional modes of investigation for design, control and optimization of processes, reactors, and devices. In this presentation, A/Prof. Shen will report his recent research on process modelling of reacting flows and the applications to a range of complex processes and reactors in conventional and emerging industries. Several examples of the injection hydrogen in ironmaking blast furnaces will be used
for demonstration.

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