The impact of magnetism on materials properties is manifold. We want to focus the discussions on those aspects that are also relevant for steel design, while examples can come from a wide range of materials. In particular we discuss the impact of magnetism


  • on phase stability (phase transitions, precipitate formation, chemical ordering and segregation);
  • on lattice vibrations (i.e. magnon-phonon coupling in a broader sense);
  • on the formation of point and extended defects (vacancies, grain boundaries, dislocations); and
  • on diffusion (of interstitials and substitutional alloying elements).


The workshop will be dominated by ab initio based simulations. Nevertheless, alternative theoretical methods (e.g. tight binding) and experimental techniques (e.g. diffusion measurements) will also be addressed.


Key experts in these fields have been invited to give tutorial-like lectures on recent methodological advances and successful applications.

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