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Journal Article (10)

Journal Article
Han, J.; Kang, S.-H.; Lee, S.-J.; Lee, Y.-K.: Fabrication of bimodal-grained Al-free medium Mn steel by double intercritical annealing and its tensile properties. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 681, pp. 580 - 588 (2016)
Journal Article
Jeon, H.; Lee, S.-M.; Han, J.; Park, I.; Lee, Y.-K.: The effect of Zn coating layers on the hydrogen embrittlement of hot-dip galvanized twinning-induced plasticity steel. Corrosion Science 111, pp. 267 - 274 (2016)
Journal Article
Djaziri, S.; Li, Y.; Nematollahi, G. A.; Grabowski, B.; Goto, S.; Kirchlechner, C.; Kostka, A.; Doyle, S.; Neugebauer, J.; Raabe, D. et al.; Dehm, G.: Deformation-Induced Martensite: A New Paradigm for Exceptional Steels. Advanced Materials 28 (35), pp. 7753 - 7757 (2016)
Journal Article
Hohenwarter, A.; Völker, B.; Kapp, M. W.; Li, Y.; Goto, S.; Raabe, D.; Pippan, R.: Ultra-strong and damage tolerant metallic bulk materials: A lesson from nanostructured pearlitic steel wires. Scientific Reports 6, 33228 (2016)
Journal Article
Welsch, E. D.; Ponge, D.; Haghighat, S. M. H.; Sandlöbes, S.; Choi, P.-P.; Herbig, M.; Zaefferer, S.; Raabe, D.: Strain hardening by dynamic slip band refinement in a high-Mn lightweight steel. Acta Materialia 116, pp. 188 - 199 (2016)
Journal Article
Park, J.; Han, J.; Lee, S.-J.; Yi, K.; Kwon, C.; Lee, Y.-K.: Inhomogeneity of Microstructure and Damping Capacity of a FC25 Disc-Brake Rotor and Their Interrelationship. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 47 (8), pp. 3933 - 3942 (2016)
Journal Article
Wang, M.; Tasan, C. C.; Ponge, D.; Raabe, D.: Spectral TRIP enables ductile 1.1 GPa martensite. Acta Materialia 111, pp. 262 - 272 (2016)
Journal Article
Tarzimoghadam, Z.; Rohwerder, M.; Merzlikin, S. V.; Bashir, A.; Yedra , L.; Eswara, S.; Ponge, D.; Raabe, D.: Multi-scale and spatially resolved hydrogen mapping in a Ni–Nb model alloy reveals the role of the δ phase in hydrogen embrittlement of alloy 718. Acta Materialia 109, pp. 69 - 81 (2016)
Journal Article
Tan, X.-D.; Xu, Y.-B.; Ponge, D.; Yang, X.-L.; Hu, Z.-P.; Peng, F.; Ju, X.-W.; Wu, D.; Raabe, D.: Effect of intercritical deformation on microstructure and mechanical properties of a low-silicon aluminum-added hot-rolled directly quenched and partitioned steel. Materials Science and Engineering A: Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing 656, pp. 200 - 215 (2016)
Journal Article
Li, Y.; Herbig, M.; Goto, S.; Raabe, D.: Formation of nanosized grain structure in martensitic 100Cr6 bearing steels upon rolling contact loading studied by atom probe tomography. Materials Science and Technology 32 (11), pp. 1100 - 1105 (2016)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Tarzimoghadam, Z.; Ponge, D.; Kloewer , J.; Raabe, D.: Hydrogen-assisted Failure in Nickel base alloy UNS N07718. Corrosion 2016, Vancouver, Canada, March 06, 2016 - March 10, 2016. Corrosion 2016 NACE-2016-7459, (2016)

Talk (19)

Gault, B.; Stoffers, A.; Cojocaru-Mirédin, O.; Liebscher, C.; Li, Y.; Herbig, M.; Raabe, D.: Materials for energy generation probed at the nanoscale. European Energy Resarch Alliance Conference 2016, EERA, Birmingham, UK (2016)
Ponge, D.; Kuzmina, M.; Herbig, M.; Sandlöbes, S.; Raabe, D.: Segregation and Austenite Reversion at Dislocations in a Binary Fe–9%Mn Steel Studied by Correlative TEM-atom Probe Tomography. The 3rd International Conference on High Manganese Steels, Chengdu, China (2016)
Ponge, D.; Wang, M.; Dutta, A.; Kwiatkowski da Silva, A.; Sandlöbes, S.; Millán , S. J.; Choi, P.-P.; Tasan, C. C.; Leyson, G. P. M.; Inden, G. et al.; Dmitrieva, O.; Kuzmina, M.; Herbig, M.; Raabe, D.: Austenite Reversion in Medium Manganese Steels. The 3rd International Conference on High Manganese Steels, Chengdu, China (2016)
Raabe, D.; Ponge, D.; Gault, B.; Herbig, M.; Liebscher, C.; Dey, P.; Dehm, G.; Welsch, E. D.; Yao, M.; Wong, S. L. et al.; Hickel, T.; Lipinska-Chwalek, M.; Neugebauer, J.; Prahl, U.; Madivala, M.; Scheu, C.; Bleck, W.: Ab-Initio Guided Design of Twinning Induced Plasticity and Weight Reduced Austenitic Steels. MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, MA, USA (2016)
Raabe, D.; Ponge, D.; Gault, B.; Herbig, M.; Liebscher, C.; Kuzmina, M.; Leyson, G.; Wang, M.; Tasan, C. C.; Nematollahi, G. A. et al.; Springer, H.; Belde, M. M.; Neugebauer, J.; Sandlöbes, S.: Segregation Engineering - Solute Decoration, Complexions and Transformations for Self-Organized Metallurgical Bulk Nanostructures. MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, MA, USA (2016)
Morsdorf, L.; Emelina, E.; Kashiwar, A.; Kübel, C.; Ponge, D.; Raabe, D.; Tasan, C. C.: Multi-probe tracking of nano-scale tempering reactions in low-carbon lath martensite. 9th Pacific Rim International Conference on Advanced Materials and Processing (PRICM 9 ), Kyoto, Japan (2016)
Morsdorf, L.; Ponge, D.; Raabe, D.; Tasan, C. C.: New multi-probe experimental approaches to study complex lath martensite. Seminar at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan (2016)
Gault, B.; Herbig, M.; Povstugar, I.; Liebscher, C.; Kuzmina, M.; Cojocaru-Mirédin, O.; Dehm, G.; Nematollahi, G. A.; Ponge, D.; Scheu, C. et al.; Stoffers, A.; Sandlöbes, S.; Neugebauer, J.; Raabe, D.: Atoms, ions, electrons: simulated, measured and manipulated. Workshop on Scientific Directions for Future Transmission Electron Microscopy, Jülich, Germany (2016)
Ponge, D.; Gault, B.; Herbig, M.; Liebscher, C.; Kuzmina, M.; Dehm, G.; Welsch, E. D.; Yao, M.; Hickel, T.; Li, Z. et al.; Tasan, C. C.; Neugebauer, J.; Scheu, C.; Stoffers, A.; Sandlöbes, S.; Raabe, D.: Chemo-Mechanics at Lattice Defects: from Mechanisms to Bulk Alloys. Gordon Research Conference on Thin Film & Small Scale Mechanical Behavior, Lewiston, ME, USA (2016)
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