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Publications of Joohyun Lim

Journal Article (15)

Journal Article
Kim, S.-H.; Yoo, S.-H.; Chakraborty, P.; Jeong, J.; Lim, J.; El-Zoka, A.; Zhou, X.; Stephenson, L.; Hickel, T.; Neugebauer, J. et al.; Scheu, C.; Todorova, M.; Gault, B.: Understanding Alkali Contamination in Colloidal Nanomaterials to Unlock Grain Boundary Impurity Engineering. Journal of the American Chemical Society 144 (2), pp. 987 - 994 (2022)
Journal Article
Burratti, L.; De Matteis, F.; Francini, R.; Lim, J.; Scheu, C.; Prosposito, P.: Fluorescent Silver Nanoclusters Embedded in Hydrogel Matrix and Its Potential Use in Environmental Monitoring. Applied Sciences 11 (8), 3470 (2021)
Journal Article
Aymerich Armengol, R.; Lim, J.; Ledendecker, M.; Hengge, K. A.; Scheu, C.: Correlation between the TiO2 encapsulation layer on Pt and its electrochemical behavior. Nanoscale Advances 3 (17), pp. 5075 - 5082 (2021)
Journal Article
Onur Şahin, E.; Dai, Y.; Chan, C. K.; Tüysüz, H.; Schmidt, W.; Lim, J.; Zhang, S.; Scheu, C.; Weidenthaler, C.: Monitoring the Structure Evolution of Titanium Oxide Photocatalysts: From the Molecular Form via the Amorphous State to the Crystalline Phase. Chemistry – A European Journal 27 (45), pp. 11600 - 11608 (2021)
Journal Article
Schiesaro, I.; Burratti, L.; Meneghini, C.; Fratoddi, I.; Prosposito, P.; Lim, J.; Scheu, C.; Venditti, I.; Iucci, G.; Battocchio, C.: Hydrophilic Silver Nanoparticles for Hg(II) Detection in Water: Direct Evidence for Mercury-Silver Interaction. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (47), pp. 25975 - 25983 (2020)
Journal Article
Hoque, A.; Gil-Sepulcre, M.; de Aguirre, A.; Elemans, J. A. A. W.; Moonshiram, D.; Matheu, R.; Shi , .; Benet-Buchholz, J.; Sala , X.; Malfois, M. et al.; Solano, E.; Lim, J.; Garzón-Manjón, A.; Scheu, C.; Lanza, M.; Maseras, F.; Gimbert-Suriñach, C.; Llobet , A.: Water oxidation electrocatalysis using ruthenium coordination oligomers adsorbed on multiwalled carbon nanotubes. Nature Chemistry 12 (11), pp. 1060 - 1066 (2020)
Journal Article
Zhang, S.; Ahmet, I.; Kim, S.-H.; Kasian, O.; Mingers, A. M.; Schnell, P.; Kölbach, M.; Lim, J.; Fischer, A.; Mayrhofer, K. J. J. et al.; Cherevko, S.; Gault, B.; van de Krol, R.; Scheu, C.: Different Photostability of BiVO4 in Near-pH-Neutral Electrolytes. ACS Applied Energy Materials 3 (10), pp. 9523 - 9527 (2020)
Journal Article
Lim, J.; Jin, X.; Hwang, S.-J.; Scheu, C.: Structural Changes of 2D FexMn1−xO2 Nanosheets for Low‐Temperature Growth of Carbon Nanotubes. Advanced Functional Materials 30 (36), 2003849 (2020)
Journal Article
Ebenhoch, C.; Kalb, J.; Lim, J.; Seewald, T.; Scheu, C.; Schmidt-Mende, L.: Hydrothermally Grown TiO2 Nanorod Array Memristors with Volatile States. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 12 (20), pp. 23363 - 23369 (2020)
Journal Article
Lim, J.; Kasiri, G.; Sahu, R.; Schweinar, K.; Hengge, K. A.; Raabe, D.; La Mantia, F.; Scheu, C.: Irreversible Structural Changes of Copper Hexacyanoferrate used as Cathode in Zn‐Ion Batteries. Chemistry – A European Journal 26 (22), pp. 4917 - 4922 (2020)
Journal Article
Lim, J.; Kim, S.-H.; Aymerich Armengol, R.; Kasian, O.; Choi, P.-P.; Stephenson, L.; Gault, B.; Scheu, C.: Atomic‐Scale Mapping of Impurities in Partially Reduced Hollow TiO2 Nanowires. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition in English 59 (14), pp. 5651 - 5655 (2020)
Journal Article
Garzón-Manjón, A.; Löffler, T.; Meischein, M.; Meyer, H. E.; Lim, J.; Strotkötter, V.; Schuhmann, W.; Ludwig, A.; Scheu, C.: Sputter Deposition of Highly Active Complex Solid Solution Electrocatalysts into an Ionic Liquid Library: Effect of Structure and Composition on Oxygen Reduction Activity. Nanoscale 12 (46), pp. 23570 - 23577 (2020)
Journal Article
Kim, S.-H.; Lim, J.; Sahu, R.; Kasian, O.; Stephenson, L.; Scheu, C.; Gault, B.: Direct Imaging of Dopant and Impurity Distributions in 2D MoS2. Advanced Materials 32 (8), 1907235 (2020)
Journal Article
Ledendecker, M.; Geiger, S.; Hengge, K. A.; Lim, J.; Cherevko, S.; Mingers, A. M.; Göhl, D.; Fortunato, G. V.; Jalalpoor, D.; Schüth, F. et al.; Scheu, C.; Mayrhofer, K. J. J.: Towards maximized utilization of iridium for the acidic oxygen evolution reaction. Nano Research 12 (9), pp. 2275 - 2280 (2019)
Journal Article
Um, J. H.; Lim, J.; Hengge, K. A.; Scheu, C.; Yoon, W.-S.; Lee, J.-K.; Sung, Y.-E.: Pore-interconnected hollow (Sn,Ti)O2 solid-solution nanoparticles for lithium-ion battery anode materials. Composites Part B: Engineering 166, pp. 613 - 620 (2019)

Talk (4)

Aymerich Armengol, R.; Lim, J.; Ledendecker, M.; Scheu, C.: The devil is in the details: correlating SMSI catalyst encapsulation layers with electrochemical properties. ElecNano9 2020, online, Paris, France (2020)
Gault, B.; Kim, S.-H.; Lim, J.; El-Zoka, A.; Kasian, O.; Sahu, R.; Stephenson, L.; Scheu, C.: Nanoparticle Specimen Preparation for Atom Probe: Chemical Fixation and… cryo-Fixation (?). TMS 2020 Annual Meeting & Exhibition, San Diego, CA, USA (2020)
Lim, J.; Kim, S.-H.; Sahu, R.; Aymerich Armengol, R.; Kasian, O.; Choi, P.-P.; Stephenson, L.; Gault, B.; Scheu, C.: Detection of trace impurities and other defects in functional nanomaterials. International Workshop on Advanced and In-situ Microscopies of Functional Nanomaterials and Devices, IAMNano 2019, Düsseldorf, Germany (2019)
Lim, J.; Hengge, K. A.; Aymerich Armengol, R.; Gänsler, T.; Scheu, C.: Structural Investigation of 2D Nanosheets and their Assembly to 3D Porous Morphologies. 5th International Conference on Electronic Materials and Nanotechnology for Green Environment (ENGE 2018), Jeju, Korea (2018)

Poster (7)

Lim, J.; Sahu, R.; Schweinar, K.; Kasiri, G.; Hengge, K. A.; Raabe, D.; La Mantia, F.: Phase Transformation of Copper Hexacyanoferrate Cathode in Aqueous Zn-Ion Battery. 2019 MRS Fall Meeting , Boston, MA, USA (2019)
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