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    Journal Article
    Souza Filho, I. R.; Kwiatkowski da Silva, A.; Sandim, M. J. R.; Ponge, D.; Gault, B.; Sandim, H. R. Z.; Raabe, D.: Martensite to austenite reversion in a high-Mn steel: Partitioning-dependent two-stage kinetics revealed by atom probe tomography, in-situ magnetic measurements and simulation. Acta Materialia 166, pp. 178 - 191 (2019)
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    Journal Article
    Sandim, M. J. R.; Souza Filho, I. R.; Bredda, E. H.; Kostka, A.; Raabe, D.; Sandim, H. R. Z.: Short Communication on “Coarsening of Y-rich oxide particles in 9%Cr-ODS Eurofer steel annealed at 1350 °C”. Journal of Nuclear Materials 484, pp. 283 - 287 (2017)
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