Dr. Ashish Kumar Saxena

Dr. Ashish Kumar Saxena
Dr. Ashish Kumar Saxena
Former member

Department Structure and Nano- / Micromechanics of Materials

Nano-/ Micromechanics of Materials

Room: 1003 (Hall 8)

Curriculum Vitae


Bachelor of Science, Physics, Electronics, Maths (2002-2005)

Master of Science, Physics (2005-2007)

Master of Technology, Materials Science Engineering (2008-2010), National Institute of Technology Tricy, India

Doctor of Philosophy, Materials Science and Engineering (2010-2015), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India

Professional experience:

Project Research Scientist: National Center for Aerospace Innovation and Research, IIT Bombay, India (Dec 2015-Feb 2016)

Consultant: GE Global Research Center, JFWTC, Bangalore, India (Feb 2016-Dec 2016)

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