Exploring Australia's Potential in the Emerging Hydrogen-Based Green Commodity Market

In this presentation, Dr. Walsh and Dr. Wang will discuss the future of green commodities in Australia, focusing on green steel produced using green hydrogen. They will introduce three models they have developed. The first model, HEFT, identifies high-potential locations for green commodities by evaluating renewable energy sources and critical infrastructure. The second, MUREIL, is geared towards the design and optimisation of the production system at these locations. The third, Xporter, examines various energy carrier storage options, shipping routes and costs to trading partners. Using these models, they have conducted a comprehensive assessment of Australia's potential to export green steel, a value-added commodity. Their research reveals a significant overlap between potential hydrogen production hubs and existing or future iron ore operations, suggesting opportunities for shared infrastructure and early market entry. They also present an optimised system model that integrates both wind and solar power sources, aiming to significantly reduce green steel production costs. To resonate with our German audience, they will underscore the shared commitment between Germany and Australia towards a sustainable, low-carbon future, highlighting potential collaborative opportunities in the burgeoning green commodities sector.

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