Dr. Mira Todorova wins Alexander Kuznetsov Prize

International Society of Electrochemistry honours crucial contributions to theory of electrochemical phenomena

August 04, 2023

The International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) awarded Dr. Mira Todorova, leader of the “Electrochemistry and Corrosion” group at MPIE the Alexander Kuznetsov Prize for her development of advanced ab-initio multi-scale simulation techniques on the forefront of theoretical electrochemistry. The prize honors groundbreaking contributions to the theory of electrochemical phenomena and is endowed with 1000 €. Todorova is invited to give an award lecture at the 75th ISE Annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada.

The main research focus of Todorova and her group is the development and application of ab-initio multi-scale simulation techniques. These methods are used to expand our understanding of corrosion processes, materials degradation and durability. Such state-of-the-art simulation techniques provide in-depth insight into the functionality and evolvement of materials properties under environmental influence. Insights, which are crucial for the design of new, more resistant materials.

Todorova joined MPIE in 2006 as a senior research assistant and is scientific group leader since 2015. Her expertise comprises electrochemistry, corrosion, solid state physics, surface science, defect chemistry of semiconductors and computational materials science. She was awarded by the Max Planck Society with the “BOOST award” 2020, a career program for women scientists.

The Alexander Kuznetsov Prize is awarded every two years to excellent researchers in the field of theoretical electrochemistry. Its name is a tribute to Alexander M. Kuznetsov (1938-2009), a pioneer in the fields of theoretical chemistry and electrochemistry.

Selected Publications

Mira Todorova and Jörg Neugebauer, "Extending the concept of defect chemistry from semiconductor physics to electrochemistry," Physical Review Applied 1 (1), 014001 (2014).
Sudarsan Surendralal, Mira Todorova, Michael W. Finnis, and Jörg Neugebauer, "First-Principles Approach to Model Electrochemical Reactions: Understanding the Fundamental Mechanisms behind Mg Corrosion," Physical Review Letters 120 (24), 246801 (2018).
Florian Deißenbeck, Christoph Freysoldt, Mira Todorova, Jörg Neugebauer, and Stefan Martin Wippermann, "Dielectric Properties of Nanoconfined Water: A Canonical Thermopotentiostat Approach," Physical Review Letters 126 (13), 136803 (2021).

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